On 04/01/2001, the first Wild One sighting was confirmed in Japan. To combat the widespread destruction that the Wild Ones could cause in the country, the government created the covert agency Hypnos. Though revolutionary at the time, their methods proved unsuccessful in combating the intruders, and in the end, civilians working alongside Wild Ones were the ones to solve the D-Reaper incident. Afterwards, there was no more activity coming from the digital world for years.

16 years later, on 04/01/2017, a new Wild One was confirmed, this time in Great Britain. This sighting was followed by many more soon, all over the world rather than in a single localized area. Every country has tried to deploy their own version of Hypnos in order to combat the Wild Ones that now appear, in larger quantities than ever before. Japan, however, has learned from its mistakes. Rather than trying to combat Wild Ones with deletion programs, they have decided to create an experimental team that, like the civilians from sixteen years ago, will combat these new enemies, with their own Digital Monsters.



Welcome to the Argos Agency. You have been chosen to be part of this new initiative because of your outstanding work before, or because of your special skills. Don't let the Wild Ones destroy our country. You, and your partners, are our first, last, and only line of defense.



Digimon: Argos Agency

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