Minoru Matsubari

She's Got Her Eye On You


High Concept: Argos Agency Observer
The powers that be are not leaving Argos to do as they please unsupervised. Minoru was initially dispatched to be a watchdog over the agency and its practices, making sure every comma is in perfect place and every operation is carried out to a standard befitting that of a governmental branch. Despite obtaining a digivice, she remains committed to her original agency and assignment.

Trouble: Peevy Perfectionist
Even outside of work Minoru makes every effort to keep things perfect. A look into her home reveals that every piece is in its place, and no place is without a piece either. Her workspace is neatly kept, with everything filed away into a drawer, labelled, and then alphabetised. Suffice to say, she will not tolerate slobbish behaviour or laziness from the Argos agents.

Personal Aspect: Watchdog First; Operative Second
Minoru’s number one priority in the agency, even after her camera turned into a D-Ark digivice, is to watch over the things done by the real operatives and to relay results to her boss. She has no issue with helping the agents in their missions, but she holds no particular stake in extending herself more than the other agents do. If they do not take steps to ensure their missions stay as low on casualties and property damage as possible, she will not make any steps to remind them for the sake of their agency.

Crossing Path #1: I’ll Put In A Good Word, Takuma
Argos agency is, to put it lightly, a madhat operation trying to recreate the impossible. The luck of a bunch of teenagers can’t be replicated so easily and haphazardly as this, and so Minoru is out to salvage whatever talent the agency has managed to pull together before everything falls apart. Enter Takuma, a rookie that she can convince to join up with her watchdog agency instead, putting his skills to much better use. Everyone wins.

Crossing Path #2: I’m Watching You, Oscar
The line between a genius and a madman can be a thin one indeed, and so Minoru keeps a safe distance from Oscar believing it’s only a matter of time before the kid does something that will cause far more harm than Argos can write off as an acceptable risk.

Bonus Skills
+3 Investigation, intimidation
+2 Contacting, Alertness, Athletics
+1 Resources, Drive, Mysteries, Rapport

Signature Stunt: “Providing Data Backup!”
With the combined intelligence of two agencies at her fingertips, Minoru is a formidable ally when it comes to gathering and collating data regarding encounters with Wild Ones. Minoru can scan or photograph a Wild One with her D-Ark digivice, paying a fate point when she does, and place an Aspect with a free invoke representing data on the digimon that Argos or her own agency may have access to.

Stunt: “No Slacking!”
Minoru will not tolerate incessant slacking, least of all from her own companion. Whenever her Digimon fails a roll, Minoru can choose to substitute an Intimidation roll once per scene instead.

Stunt: “That Won’t Get Past Me!”
With a job that focuses entirely on investigating, Minoru prides herself on being able to cut out the lies from the truth effectively. She can discern whether someone is trying to lie to her by using Investigation instead of Empathy.

Chackmon: Romeo Launcher!: Ryudamon gets a Romeo Launcher on her back, letting her provide covering fire for her allies. Ryudamon can use her Weapons skill to Create an Advantage until the end of the scene.

CHO-Alloy Integrate!: Once per session, Ryudamon can pay a Fate Point to negate the damage from one attack.

Refresh: 3

Physical: [][]
Mental: [][]




Minoru Matsubari

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