Oscar Russo



High Concept: Young Genius Playing Digi-god - Recruited by Argos for his work into researching and manipulating all facets of the digital world. Oscar is always trying to invent new and hip technologies to both assist Argos and entertain himself. Digimon are just digital creatures so they can be freely manipulated and played with without regret.

Trouble: In The Name Of Knowledge - It could be said that Oscar has NO SENSE OF RIGHT AND WRONG when it comes to things that benefit furthering his knowledge or experimenting with those of a digi-nature. He just goes right ahead and acts out his whims without a care for the consequences that may come later, rules are for lame dummies.

Personal Aspect: Goof Master - Oscar understands the need for some laughs during all the depression that comes from saving the world, as such he has become the master of pranks and goofs, often leaving those who work for Argos in unbelievable situations that they cannot help but laugh at (sometimes)

Crossing Paths: Cop Cross - A cop posted to look over Oscar so he behaves. She’s a good target for pranks so Oscar allows her to observe his actions. Plus she sometimes has sweeties and stuff.

Crossing Paths:

+3 Engineering, Academics
+2 Stealth, Deceit, Empathy
+1 Alertness, Athletics, Rapport, Investigation

-[Signature] Smarty Pants. Once per scene you can spend a fate point to make a special Lore roll representing a flash of insight. For each shift you make on this roll you discover or create an aspect related to your field of specialization, on either the scene or the target of your observations, though you may only invoke one of them for free

- Workshop of Choice. Pick a specific workshop or machine shop. You know exactly how this place is arranged and how it operates, and gain +2 on Crafts whenever you perform work within it. [Digi-Lab]

- Tiny Trickster - Stealth can be used to avoid direct attacks due to your slippery and small nature.

Deck: (As many as you feel like making, between 2 and 10. More can be added later.)

-[Manipulation] Nightmare Jamboree - After using this card all Digimon from the “Nightmare Soldiers” field fight on your side for one turn. Only usable once per combat.

-[Evolution] Rule Breaker - Grants Witchmon a stunt from a chosen digimon in the scene. She can use this stunt for the rest of the scene/combat.

-[Technique] Metal Fantomon’s Grave Scream - Sends any human in the area with below 3 resolve to sleep. In combat a mysteries CAA is required and a success keeps the target asleep until it is attacked or until the [sleeping] aspect is invoked.

Active Cards:

Fate Points: 3
Refresh: 3

Physical: [ ] [ ]
Mental: [ ] [ ]



Oscar Russo

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