Takuma Ito

The Gloomy Rookie


Takuma Ito

High Concept: The Dour Jack of All Trades
If you can’t be a master of something, be decent at everything, and be grumpy about it. After a childhood of standing out as an athlete, Taku took a step back in his adulthood to focus on the things he’d been neglecting throughout his youth, and has ever since disliked to be the center of attention. The guy wants to lend a hand, put in his time, and have a quiet life… but fate has a habit of putting to rest any plans for the future. A few good scores at the police academy, and a fateful encounter with a wild digimon made him a sought after candidate for the Argos Agency (having since become a full-time member of the agency, rather than splitting his responsibilities between the Police Department and the Agency). An adventure of a sort awaits Taku, and it’s a step up professionally, but he doesn’t have any plans to make waves at the agency if he can help it.

Trouble: Fresh Out of the Academy
Taku wasn’t on the Tokyo Police Department for more than a week before getting cherry-picked for the agency. He hadn’t even finished orientation. As a result, he’s lacking in any kind of experience, and in high stress situations, could be prone to making rookie mistakes.

Personal Aspect: Heart of Gold
Despite his glum demeanor and scary face, Taku isn’t such a bad guy. Even if he’d grumble about it, he’d stop to help a kid get their cat out of a tree, or help an old lady across the street, and helping people in general just seems to come naturally to him. You wouldn’t know it, but he’s actually pretty likable in spite of how he presents himself.

Crossing Paths: Haru-Taku
The dynamic police duo! Sort of. Haru’s chipper attitude is the foil to Taku’s constant grumping, which is pretty much the basis for every buddy-cop movie ever. While he’d never admit that seeing a cute smiling face all day at work is a big bonus, Taku would certainly be willing to vouch for their combined effectiveness, and complementary skillsets. Haru drives, and Taku rides shotgun.

Crossing Paths: Headhunting
It’s not hard to mess up under observation, but it’s much more difficult to keep making the same mistakes under that kind of scrutiny. Minoru seems to have her eye not just on Argos as a whole, but on some individual members of the organization; Taku isn’t eager to hop from employer to employer at every opportunity, but once he’s put in his time with Argos it might not be bad to have something with better pay and advancement opportunities waiting for him in the private sector.

Athletics, Resolve
Shoot, Intimidate, Alertness
Endurance, Leadership, Stealth, Sciences

[Signature] A Helping HandTaku always finds a way to lend a hand, though the means are usually unconventional. – Taku may always assist on another person’s skill roll (even if he doesn’t have the skill at +1); however, instead of providing a flat +1 bonus, Taku may create a relevant scene aspect with a free invoke attached to it as a result of his help. This stunt may be used once per scene.

[Social] Stepping up to the PlateSometimes, going against his own nature is the only way for Taku to get things done. – In exchange for filling up the Mild Mental Consequence slot, Taku gains a +2 to one social skill; the effects last for the duration of the consequence, and if that slot is already filled by something else, this stunt may not be used.

[Grump] Demoralizing DemeanorBeing cheerful’s all well and good, but cocky punks make Taku mad… and when he gets that serious look on his face, you probably don’t want to stick around. – During a Conflict, the opponent with the highest Rapport suffers a -2 to Resolve for the duration of the scene.

[Athletics] Track and FieldTaku’s an athlete! While he might not have been on the Football, Hockey, or Baseball team, he was well known for his speed and agility! – During a scene in which time is a factor; moving between locations takes less time for Taku.

Digimon AnalyzerWhen used, target one Wild One; You may automatically uncover either their skills or their abilities without a roll once per conflict.
Boost ChipOnce per scene: Place the Power Boost aspect on your partner with a free invoke attached.
Aim for the Strongest Evolution!One use only. Scrap this card to trigger a variant evolution which ignores all prerequisites.

Active Cards:
- Digimon Analyzer
- Boost Chip

Refresh: 2

Physical: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Mental: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Mild: Covered in Ink


Takuma Ito

Digimon: Argos Agency Svetters