Argos Agency

The Argos Agency was created by the Japanese government after the reappearance of Digimon in the real world was confirmed in  2017. As a successor of the disbanded Hypnos Initiative, it has the same purpose: Prevent damage made to the real world by bio-emerging Digimon, neutralize said intruders, and keep the public at large in the dark about these incidents.

However, Hypnos proved to be ineffectual when facing the dangers of the Digital world, which was especially evident during the D-Reaper incident. It took a group of civilians, children in particular, partnered with Digimon, in order to beat the D-Reaper back. Because of this, the focus of the Argos Agency has shifted from using deleting programs to erase the data of the Digimon, to using a team of humans partnered with Digimon in order to replicate the success of the civilian heroes before. Still a young organization, the small unit will have to prove they are able to prevent the damage that Digimon can make to the world, or be disbanded.

Technical Terms:

-Wild One: While the creatures that emerge from digital fields are, without a doubt, the same as the popular characters from the Digimon: Digital Monsters franchise, the name used is a trademark of Bandai Co., Ltd. Because of this, while agents aren't forbidden from calling their partners, or their adversaries, by that name, all official documents will call the creatures Wild Ones.
-Digital Field: The area manifested around a bio-emerging Wild One. Usually covered in fog, agents are encouraged to carry eye protection while entering one.
-Bio-Emerging: The act of conversion from pure Data to an as of yet still mostly unknown mixture of Data, biological, and mechanical materials that allows Wild Ones to enter our world.

Argos Agency

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