Digimon: Argos Agency

Episode 1

A Dirty Beginning! The First Mission!

Minis this week:
-Haru was chosen to join Argos because of her investigation of the events in 2002. After a van trip to HQ where she met Hiro, and made him feel incredibly awkward, she was partnered with Commandramon, and chose to spare a Kamemon who breached the Agency Headquarters.
-Oscar chose to work alongside Argos in order to get protection from the Government Agents that constantly stalked him and obstructed his research. He was taken to HQ by Dr. Yamada, and there he was partnered with Candlemon, and fought Kamemon on Mercurymon's request.
-Takuma was out patrolling when he got caught in a fight with a Mushroomon by pure chance, managing to hold his own with nothing but his wits and a trashcan lid. He was informed by Agent Ichigo that he had been chosen by a Digimon and had to join Argos, where he learned his partner's identity, Gaomon.
-Minoru followed Agent Niigo in her mission in order to make sure Argos followed the Government rules, but the mission went wrong when a Dracmon took Agent Niigo's partner out, forcing Minoru to get her own partner, Ryudamon. After that, she chose to work alongside the Agency in order to keep an eye on them more closely.

Session Summary:
The rookies were sent in an investigation mission, in order to find out what happened in a completely destroyed supermarket. Investigating the ruins, and talking to the owner, they managed to piece together the story: Apparently, some Chuumon coming from an abandoned house broke into the supermarket through a hidden tunnel and wrecked it, leaving only ruin and stink behind.

Sending Commandramon through the tunnel, presumably to die, the team was able to find the location of the abandoned house, and broke into it in style thanks to Haru's reckless driving. Inside, they almost fell into a trap before convincing a Chuumon nearing a heart attack to take them to its leader. Its leader, Sukamon,  turned out to live in a very unpleasant place, and to demand very unpleasant things, but in the end, they learned the truth: The Chuumon were only defending themselves from an 'angry dinosaur' who lived in the Shinjuku park. After being promised the Sukamon and Chuumon's help in their investigations, our heroes left, to take a dozen showers, and to continue their mission.



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