Haru Daichi

Eager police officer doing her best!


Name: Haruko Daichi, 21 years old

High Concept: Eager Police Officer Doing Her Best!
Some backstory. Haruko is an only child. Her dad was a police officer, and so was her dad’s dad, and so on. During the events that transpired 16 years ago, Haru was left without a father… everyone told her he died during an earthquake, but the glimpses of what she saw on her TV screen painted an entirely different picture. Of course, no matter how much she tried telling them, no one would believe her. A giant boar rampaging in Downtown Tokyo? Yeah right.
Fast-forward to the present day. She’s graduated from the police academy and joined the force, discovering bits and pieces on her secret investigation that lead to a single cryptic word… Hypnos. Due to her gumption, her spunky attitude, and her link to the Wild Ones, she was chosen to take part in the initiative to protect Japan from the encroaching digital threat. Even in an unfamiliar environment, Haru will do her best!

Trouble: Proper Slacker
Haruko is an adult, sure, but she’s definitely a child at heart. This can be seen in her living environment: videogames, manga, fast food paper wrapping and a mess of unwashed clothes… really, the police girl focuses strongly on her job due to her drive, but her personal life is kind of a mess. If Haru wasn’t so pumped up about her job, and judged solely on how she handles herself outside of it, she wouldn’t look as competent!

Personal Aspect: First Impression Freak-Out
Though Haru may remain the same to people who already know her; that is, she’s still energetic, bubbly and generally good-times to be around, anyone she’s meeting for the first time may get a bit of a scare. The reconstructive surgery after Deputymon defaced Haru was harsh. Explosive shrapnel will do that to you. Still! She only gets really disheartened when a child sees her like that and starts crying. Good way to break her heart.

Crossing Paths: Necessity is the mother of invention (I’m the big sister!)
Mad scientists need someone to reel them back before they destroy the world, and Haruko prides herself in being the One Thing keeping Oscar from making a bunch of digishotguns and leaving them lying around for people to grab. Unfortunately being the leash to a young boy full of tricks and hormones can take its toll… let’s just hope baka Oscar knows where the boundaries are!

Crossing Paths: Explosive Duo-Dynamic Super-Duper Team-Up Combo!
Well, at least the ‘team-up’ and the ‘explosive’ parts are accurate… sort of. Takuchi (as Haru has started calling him) is a fellow enforcer of the law, or at least, fellow enough on technicalities alone. Though she’s likely to call him newbie, green, rookie, soft-boiled and other such names, the hotheaded girl/serious boy dynamic often makes Haru look like the silly one!

+3: Shoot, Athletics
+2: Investigation, Drive, Alertness
+1: Empathy, Art, Gambling, Endurance

- [Signature] Police Arsenal - Officially speaking, Haru isn’t currently working as a cop, but to keep up appearances (and uphold the law) she keeps her equipment. It’d be almost impossible for a civilian to carry a pistol, a stun gun, pepper spray, handcuffs and a baton… but no, Haru is perfectly capable of holding onto and putting them to use, thanks to some loopholes and technicalities!
- I’ll be there! – I’ll be there!I’ll be there! - Haru can be a little reckless when driving, especially if there’s an emergency to take care of. Once per scene, Haru can automatically succeed at a Drive check without rolling. If it’s an emergency with impending consequences, she may instead roll to enter the scene before any of these consequences can happen, with a difficulty determined by the GM.
- Unlikely Authority Figure - No matter how you slice it, Haru looks a bit too high-strung and young to be a police officer… but if the scene requires it, the spunky girl is likely to whip out her badge and take charge of the situation in short order. This is the power of the spats police. As a free action, you can attach the [Authority Figure] Aspect with a free invoke on yourself, once per session.

- (Equip Card) Scorpmon’s TRK A.D. - A powerful anti-tank rifle. This weapon fires concentrated bursts of energy similar to lightning. Capable of bypassing Stress and Armor Rating when used against Machine-type enemies. Effective at medium range and long range only.
- (Attack Card) Giromon’s Big Bang Boom! - Signature move of the Net Keeper. A small grenade packing a deadly explosion. Choose two effects: (Deals 1 more shift against Large/Gigantic Digimon) / (Deals 1 more shift against Virus-Type Digimon) / (Splits the shifts between the nearby enemy Digimon.)
- (Re-Digitize Card) Join Progress A - If used alongside Join Progress B: forcefully convert the two targeted Digimon into data, then join them together, with their combined data becoming a more powerful digimon. The resulting digi-evolution is one stage higher if the two Digimon share the same evolutionary stage (i.e. a Champion and a Rookie would still result in a Champion). Can only be used at the cost of a fate point.

Active Cards:
- Jogress card
- Giromon card

Fate Points: 3
Refresh: 3

Physical: [][][]
Mental: [][]

Extreme: [Lost An Eye]

- Police Gear
- Undercover Police Cruiser


Character notes:
- Prefers Haru to Haruko even if it’s more boyish
- Stresses very quickly during normal situations
- no bully

Haru Daichi

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