Digimon: Argos Agency

Episode 2

Unregistered Tamers! The burning Agunimon!

Minis this week:

Session Summary:
The rookies continued their mission after a dozen showers, finally reaching the park where their reptilian foe was supposed to be hidden. Finding that the park was filled with far too many people to conduct their investigation, and possible purge, in peace, the rookies managed to get some hidden agents to convince the people walking around the park to leave. One particular civilian girl, however, fled deeper into the park instead, implying that she knew exactly why they were there. Minoru pursued her to a hidden cabin, where she managed to interrogate her. Apparently, a Tamer had defeated the dinosaur a while ago, so the team was late. She also revealed herself to be an unregistered Tamer, but before Minoru could question her further, she fled, pursued by agents 1 and 2.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team, not knowing the news, set up a trap for the Wild One: a one boy picnic for Oscar while Taku and Haru waited, hidden. They only managed to attract a little girl, however… But the little girl turned out to be another Tamer! As soon as she found out that the Agents had Digimon of their own, she challenged them to a fight, making her Flamemon partner evolve into Agunimon. Even though the fire warrior fought bravely, and hard, he was no challenge for the team, especially once Minoru returned, and they were able to beat it to an inch of death, before taking both the girl and the Wild One into custody.



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